Like every good book, we begin at chapter 0.

The day is Saturday May 9th, and we are still in lockdown due to COVID-19. During this lockdown I decided to take advantage and pick up some new skills… Networking skills to be exact. I am looking to solidify my understanding of the whole OSI model… All 7 layers; starting from the bottom. I have set a goal to obtain my CCNA. This gave me the idea to start blogging about my learning and possibly help others along the way. This blog wil not be limited to CCNA/Networking but to everything tech related that interests me.

CCNA Learning Resources

I have also gone ahead and purchased some physical hardware off eBay :D ($109.78)

  • 1x Cisco 1841 router
  • 1x Cisco switch 2950 24 Ports
  • 1x Console Cable
  • 1x USB To RS232 Serial Converter Cable Adapter
  • 2x Power Cord
  • 2x Ethernet Cable

Simulators I will use throughout my studies

The total cost comes out to $238.50 CAD